Last night was somewhat of an interesting first for the Notes. Visiting Fish's hometown of Springfield, view we had the pleasure of singing with Wittenberg University's Just Eve–for a full house of frat brothers and partygoers. Now, I don't know what's in the Wittenberg water, but these folks were a good deal more receptive to an a cappella concert interrupting their Bacchanalian revelry than I expected.

The Notes' real glory, though, came at the pong table. There, a few UChicago a cappella nerds bested two waves of frat brothers (most of whom stood over 6 feet and had necks as thick as tree trunks) and went into triple overtime (that's right, triple) with another. We left with the taste of both glorious victory and certain libations fresh in our mouths–but, surely, that of victory was the sweeter.

posted on 03/19/11
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  1. alex walsh says:

    This is the greatest thing any of us has ever done. Bravo.