2014 Winter Tour

Day 1.

Chilling and working on choreo.
2 hour intense, hungry rehearsal at Logan.

Family dinner at Chitpole – da best
And the Ugliest Christmas Party at Caroline’s. ft. Beautiful Christmas Tree & Santa Stuck Upside Down on DeAndre’s Head
Day 2.

Late breakfast: fantstic eggs by Riley, Corson, and Shreya. Coffee brewed by Justin.

Ben’s dexterous dining table

Ransom Notes explores Pilsen. $1 Corn Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream. + REAL Mexican Food (Not your usual Chipotle)

Had a late Asian style dinner cooked by Omar, Justin, Corson, Riley, and Jaewon. Digested with the help of a lot of singing, and exchanged gifts!

Simona ———-> Jaewon              —————————–>         Scott              —————————–>         Riley       ———————-

——————->       Jack                —————————–>           De’Andre                —————————–>           Muriel       ——————-

——————————————–>         Melissa         ———————————————-> Simona
Shreya   ————————————————–>      Ben             ————————————————->          Justin          —————–>      Shreya

Fun times!

Day 3.

We visited highschool choirs!! Performed for them, held workshop on tags and beatboxing, and they performed for us too. Best part of tour <3

School 1: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory Highschool

School 2: UIC College Preparatory Highschool

Dinner at County BBQ follwing Caroline’s recommendation.
OMG SO GOOD! True Texas Soul Adrienne approves.

posted on 12/16/14

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