Interested in becoming a Ransom Note?

The Process


Our music director, Corson, will help warm you up with a few exercises that will also give us a general feel for your voice and its range limits.


You should sing a verse and a chorus (30-60 seconds) of a song that you feel best showcases your talent.  We have heard everything from opera, to musical theater, to pop.  So don’t be afraid to let your voice shine in whatever you excel!

Tonal Memory

Corson may play several intervals on the piano and ask you to sing them back to us.  This is just so we can check your accuracy.


We may give you a short exercise (two lines) for you to sight-read.  Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to read music!  Many of our members had never looked at a piece of sheet music until they joined us!  This section won’t hurt you and can only help you.  If you don’t feel comfortable reading music we will play it on the piano and ask you to sing it back to us (much like with tonal memory).  We just want to get a general feel of how easily you pick up new music.


Sometime after auditions on Wednesday we will send emails about callbacks.  At callbacks you will be asked to learn part of one of our arrangements so that we can get a feel for your learning process and better hear how your voice will blend with the rest of the group.


Think you have what it takes? Sign up for an audition here!

Audition FAQs

I'm not a first year. Can I audition?
Of course! We want to hear everyone! We usually take a mix of ages so don't feel like it's something you can only get into your first year.
What if I get called back for more than one group?
Because of the way the AcaCouncil runs auditions, you will be able to attend as many callbacks as you want!
What about grad students?
Grad students are welcome and encouraged to audition! We aren't only for undergrads. In fact we've had many members that have been grad students!
I've never sung a cappella before...Do I have a chance?
Yes! We have a wide range of musical experience represented in our group. While some of our members have a long musical resume, others had never looked at a piece of music before they auditioned for us! If you like to sing, we want to hear you!
What are the Ransom Notes doing this year?
The Ransom Notes alternates between recording an album one year and going on an extended tour across the states the next. We are also planning on competing in ICCA again and of course producing some great a cappella shows on campus!
What kind of commitment is the Ransom Notes?
We spend a lot of time together (both in and out of rehearsal). We hold three 2-hour rehearsals a week as well as a separate sectional. We typically hold one big concert a quarter as well as perform at other events on and off campus. If we are recording a cd, then we will hold extra rehearsals and recording sessions.
That sounds like a lot...What if there are other things on campus I want to do too?
We love to have members who are involved in other groups! Most of our current members are active in other groups such as theater, other a cappella groups, and even varsity volleyball!
Other Questions?
Feel free to contact us at We would love to hear your questions!