January 3, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Ransom Notes!

Hey all! In honor of the arrival of 2016, we have some exciting news to share: our latest EP was reviewed by RARB!

Check out the reviews here and don’t forget to buy the album!



October 17, 2015

Welcome, FYITCORNs!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned this season! We had a wonderful turnout this year, full of so many talented students! We’re so excited to announce our eight new “First Years In The Context Of Ransom Notes”:

Adel Rahman
Al Daibes
Ariane Potvin
Colin Garon
Corinne DiFrancesco
Larkin Smith
Margot Carlson
Sharbel Romanos

We are so thrilled to welcome you into the family, and we look forward to singing with you <3

icca groupieicca lil darlin2

January 25, 2015

2015 ICCA quarterfinals

Thank you everyone who came to ICCAs Quarterfinals last night, and thank you Varsity Vocals, Voices in Your Head, Liquid 5th Productions, and everyone who made last night happen.
It was such an honor to sing amongst all the amazing a cappella people, for such a large crowd of appreciative audience, and with such good equipment

Last night was so amazing. The stage was so fun, so much energy everywhere, and we saw many inspiring groups! (That at one point or another intimidated us on what they pulled off on stage) Omar’s solo was praised as being “Beautiful”, Bass line in Lighthouse killed it, Tempest was recognized as “most interesting arrangement” by many of the judges, our choreo was also noticed as being “creative” and “interesting”, AND we were placed 4th overall. Wootwoot! We really can’t wait to perform that set again for you (with even more perfection!!!).


Side note: Now, we are excited to announce that we will be holding AUDITIONS next week, through Monday to Tuesday. Your chance to be a part of that amazingness YES! Today~Monday will be your last chance to sign up for our auditions this year. If you’re interested, please fill out the link below!


November 15, 2014



We are looking forward to the intense learning of fabulous (and often complicated…) new songs/choreos, cheap
hours and hours of rehearsals that sometimes goes untill late nights and gets us cranky, medical
and the cold, shaky, laughing return of the Random Notes after such nights that awaits us.

*Disclaimer: This is a cropped version of the announcement. For full list of 2015 ICCA Lineup, please visit:

(c) David Loeb Photography 2014

November 6, 2014

Danny and Taylor’s Wedding

Last Saturday we were at Skokie, IL, celebrating Danny and Taylor’s wedding.
So much love and joy, sprinkled with good music and swag.

All You Need is Love – The Beatles
For the Longest Time – Billy JoelMarry You – Bruno Mars
Santeria – Sublime
No Diggity – Blackstreet

(c) David Loeb Photography 2014


October 19, 2014

Shirt Sale, Waterbottle Sale Back On!

Brace yourselves- Winter Is Coming! Which means, search it is the time to get a “Winter Is Already Here” shirt. AND THEY ARE ONLY $12!
Also, buy limited number of Ransom Notes waterbottles are open for sale. First come first serve basis. Sold at $10 each.


Order before this coming Friday! (10/24)

Shower Song 2

September 27, 2014

Auditions!! Soon!!!

Auditions for 2014 are coming up!
September 30th and Octobor 1st. Can’t wait to see you all!
Sign-up for auditions at ransomnotes.com/auditions/sign-up

RN gone wild 6

May 25, 2014

Ransom Notes is Going Wild!

Mark your calendars, diagnosis June 5th!

October 14, 2013

ACappellaFest 2013!

Check out our review for ACaFest 2013!


We are so proud of our new Notes! If this is what we are capable of after just FIVE days with our new family, ask who knows what this year will have in store?



October 11, 2013

ACappellaFest Showcase

Don’t miss ACappellaFest Chicago 2013 this weekend! We are performing an awesome set in the Showcase on Saturday! Come see your favorite Ransom Notes (old and new!) perform for the first time this year! For more information and to purchase tickets visit http://acappellafest.com/buy-tickets/

October 10, 2013

New Notes!

We are SO excited to announce our new Notes!

Corson Barnard
Jaewon Yoon
Melissa Infosino
Peter Erskine
Simona Martin

We cannot wait to start singing with you, treat and are beyond thrilled to welcome you into our family! 

September 2, 2013


It’s that time of year again: when your favorite a cappella group is looking for new members! Auditions are October 1 and 2 and we are itching to hear all of you sing your hearts out! Keep an eye on our auditions page for more information about signing up and feel free to email us if you have any questions!


June 7, 2013

The Concert is Here


Brace yourself. A Cappella is coming to Chicago.

On June 7th, step into the medieval Seven Kingdoms of Westernotes with the Ransom Notes!

The title of Music Director has been recently vacated and everyone seems to have a claim to the throne. It will be a legendary concert event full of action, intrigue, DRAGONS!, and of course a cappella music!

– Hors d’oeuvres catered by ROBERT LIPMAN

– A RAFFLE for “Game of Tones” (and “Game of Thrones”) merchandise

– The epic story of the battle of Westernotes

– An evening of fantastic A CAPPELLA music

Buy your concert and raffle tickets in Reynolds Club June 3-7!

When you play the Game of Tones you win…or you die.


May 26, 2013

Brace Yourself. A Cappella is Coming.

Save the date.



April 16, 2013

New Single on iTunes

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here!

We are super psyched to announce that we have released our first ever single, GANGNAM ROCK!

You can find it on iTunes at:

or on Loudr at:



March 3, 2013

Annual Gourmet Cupcake Sale

It’s that time of year again!!
When the Ransom Notes pool all of their cupcake-making skills and have the biggest cupcake fundraiser this city has ever seen!

What: Gourmet Cupcake Sale!
When: Mon 3/4 – Fri 3/8 from 11am-3pm
Where: Reynolds Club

And the flavors (drumroll, please):


All for $2!!


February 23, 2013

3rd Place & Best Choreography

ICCAs were amazing last night! Not only did we take 3rd place overall, but we were also awarded Best Choreography for our awesome choreographer Lauren Fish! It was great to hang out with all of the other groups and seeing everyones hard work come together. Congrats to everyone who performed last night! You were all fantastic and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

February 13, 2013

ICCA Send-Off

We are really excited to perform in the ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal on February 22 (that’s a week from Friday!).

We will be having a free Send-Off concert tomorrow night at 8pm in Logan Center for the Arts. We will perform our competition set and ask for your feedback on what you hear. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

See you tomorrow!

January 25, 2013

International Food Festival

Come see us perform at the International Food Festival tomorrow night at Ida Noyes at 7:35pm! See you there!

January 18, 2013

Gangnam Rock Delayed

Unfortunately, remedy we have had to delay the release of our single “Gangnam Rock.” We are really excited for you to hear it so we will get it out as soon as we can. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates on the release.

January 11, 2013

Welcome De’Andre!

We are really excited to welcome De’Andre Warren into the Ransom Notes. De’Andre is a first year biology student from California and he will be singing bass for us. Welcome De’Andre!

January 11, 2013

Thanks Auditioners!

We want to thank everyone who auditioned for us this week. It’s always a treat to hear you! We sincerely hope all of you audition for us again in the future!

January 6, 2013

Mid-Year Auditions

We are really excited to be holding mid-year auditions this week! Come to the A Cappella Showcase Monday January 7 at 8:30pm in Reynolds Club to hear all the UChicago A Cappella groups and sign-up for auditions!

January 4, 2013

“Gangnam Rock” to be released next week

We are super excited to announce that we will be releasing our very first single “Gangnam Rock” next week on iTunes! Keep an eye on our facebook page for the latest updates on the release!

November 7, 2012

Preglow for Off-Off Campus

We’re performing at the preglow for Off-Off Campus this Friday Nov 9 @ 8:30!

Check out the event here and see you then!


October 30, 2012

Halloween Arch Sing

Join us at Hull Gate on Halloween at 3:30pm for singing, costumes, and FREE CANDY!

October 21, 2012

Third Place!!

This weekend we were proud to take third place at the Chicago AcappellaFest Scholastic Competition! We sang Gangnam Style/Party Rock Anthem and The Other Side. After advancing to the final round we performed our arrangement of Some Nights. The next day we were rewarded with a full day of wonderful workshops plus a masterclass with the one and only SONOS. It was a wonderful weekend and we want to thank everyone who helped put the events together! We wish every weekend could be this fun!

October 18, 2012


We are really excited to be performing in Chicago AcappellaFest 2012 this Friday October 19! For more information about this awesome weekend of A Cappella or to buy tickets, buy cialis illness check out the website:


Be sure to use the discount code RANSOMNOTES when you buy you tickets!

October 8, 2012

New Notes!

We are super excited to announce our new members for this year:

Riley Paul
Ben Call
Omar Agha
Shreya Luthra

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who auditioned for us this year! It is sure to be an amazing year and we can’t wait to share it with you!

September 30, 2012

A Cappella Showcase Tomorrow Night

Come hear all your favorite UChicago a cappella groups tomorrow night October 1 at 9pm in Reynolds Club! All 7 groups will be there and you can sign up for auditions, ask us your burning questions, and eat loads of candy (there may even be a few cupcakes from your friendly neighborhood Ransom Notes!). And the best part: IT’S FREE! You won’t want to miss it.  See you there!

UChicago A Cappella Showcase
Monday October 1 @ 9pm
Hutch Commons

September 25, 2012

Welcome First Years!

We are super excited to meet all of you!  We hope you have an awesome O-Week! Look for us around campus this week as we chalk our hearts out and have a couple impromptu performances around campus (tomorrow at lunch time maybe? Check our facebook page for on-the-spot updates!).

Auditions are  also coming up (check out our auditions page for more info!) and there will be an A Cappella Showcase this Monday Oct 1 in Hutch Commons where you can see all the groups on campus! Hope to see you there! (and as always feel free to email us at theransomnotes@gmail.com if you have any questions!)

September 13, 2012

Get Ready for Fall Auditions

With less than 1 month until the start of Fall Quarter, the a cappella community at U of C is gearing up for Fall Auditions.  We can’t wait to hear all of the amazing talent!  Check out our Auditions page for more info here.

June 2, 2012

15th Anniversary Concert Tonight

Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for: The Ransom Notes 15th Anniversary Concert!

Join us for a night of mystery as we solve the biggest crime of the year at our 15th Anniversary Concert!

There will be…


With a special appearance by the newest generation of Off-Off Campus!!

Buy your ticket in Reynolds Club (Tues & Wed) and outside the Reg (Thurs & Fri) 11:30-2:30!

$3 in advance
$5 at the door

You won’t want to miss it! See you there!


May 28, 2012

Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets are on sale now for our 15th Anniversary Concert!

Pick up your tickets in Reynolds Club (Tues & Wed) and outside the Reg (Thurs & Fri) 11:30-2:30!


May 28, 2012

Concert Posters Revealed

It was a dark and stormy night on the eve of the Ransom Notes 15th Anniversary when they returned to find something very precious to them STOLEN!

Who could have committed such a crime?

Was it Col. Mustard with the candlestick in the library?

Or Mrs. Scarlett with the revolver in the Hall?

Join us for a night of mystery as we solve the biggest crime of the year at our 15th Anniversary Concert!

April 29, 2012

Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

If you were walking around Millennium Park this afternoon you may have heard us help a man propose to her girlfriend under the bean!  Not only was everyone there in for a treat because they got to witness flash mobbing at it’s best but they also got to see the best wedding proposal ever!  I mean how you you say no to a group of awesome college students singing their hearts out to you?   Needless to say, she said yes!

We sang Insomniac, My Heart with You, and Dynamite and just in case you missed it, you can catch the proposal on youtube here!


April 12, 2012

Prospective Student Fair!

Tonight we will be performing at the Prospective Student Fair in Hutch!  Stop by and see us, sildenafil the event starts at 7:30!

February 7, 2012

Road Trip!

This weekend the Ransom Notes is taking a road trip down to sunny St. Louis to perform with the WashU Amateurs, an outstanding co-ed a cappella group.  We will be performing at their annual concert on February 10 and 11.  If you happen to be in good ol’ Missouri this weekend we would love to see you there!

January 30, 2012

Gourmet Cupcake Sale

Don’t miss the chance to get your GOURMET CUPCAKES this week only in Reynolds Club! Come support your favorite a cappella group, The Ransom Notes, by treating yourself to a delicious cupcake!

MONDAY-FRIDAY from 11am-2pm!

Choose from:

Cookies n Cream
Reeses Peanut Butter
Chocolate Mocha
Double Chocolate
Vanilla Vanilla

At $2/cupcake you can’t say no!

See you there!

January 12, 2012

Welcome Adrienne

We are really excited to welcome Adrienne Walker to the Ransom Notes family.  Adrienne auditioned for us this winter and is a first-year in the college studying Bio!  Congrats Adrienne!

January 4, 2012

Winter A Cappella Showcase Tonight!

Come support UChicago A Cappella tonight at 8pm in McCormick Lounge!  All your favorite groups will be there (including the Ransom Notes!) and the best part: IT’S FREE!

January 4, 2012


Thanks to everyone who came to the A Cappella Showcase tonight!  It was great to see all of you there and we can’t wait to sing for you again!

November 30, 2011

ICCAs Here We Come!

We have some exciting news!  We’ve been selected to compete in the International Championship for Collegiate A Cappella Quarterfinals! We are thrilled to be competing for the second year in a row and can’t wait to show ’em what we’ve got!

Competition details:

Saturday February 25 @ 8pm
at Kettering High School in Kettering, OH

Buy your tickets through Varsity Vocals to come support us!

November 13, 2011

Thanks for coming out!

Thanks to everyone who came to our fall quarter concert!  We had a great turn out and it was loads of fun!  THANK YOU!

November 1, 2011

Fall Concert

SPOILER ALERT: We have Butterflies in our stomachs, and we’ve been rehearsing both in daylight and Under the Cover of Darkness all quarter long. It’s going to be Dynamite! You won’t want to be in Any Other World, you’ll want to be right here on Earth, with us, listening to our songs! And if we Just Haven’t Met You Yet, be sure to come by and say hi at our table in Reynolds Club all week, where we’ll be selling tickets. (yep, that just happened.)

Concert details:
Saturday Nov 12 @ 7pm
McCormick Tribune Lounge, Reynolds Club
Tickets: $3 in advance, $5 at the door

October 1, 2011

Meet the New Notes

We are pleased to announce our new members for 2011-12: Brianna Tong, discount Holly Harkrider, Scott Loring, Jack Nuelle, Lib Gray, and James Fleming!  Congrats guys!

September 7, 2011

Get Psyched for Auditions!

Check out our auditions page for more info on becoming a member of the Ransom Notes this fall!

May 29, 2011

Tickets on Sale

Tickets for our final concert of the year are on sale this week in Reynolds Club!  Make sure to drop by to pick yours up!  $3 in advance, sildenafil $5 at the door

Concert details:

Wednesday June 1 @ 7pm
B.A.R.S. (Barlett Arts Rehearsal Space)

Tickets: $3 in advance, for sale $5 at the door

February 28, 2011

ICCA Send-Off Concert

The International Championship of A Cappella Midwest Quarterfinal is coming up and we’re competing (only 12 days to go)! Come see us perform our competition set-list (complete with brand new choreography!) this Saturday, March 5 at 4:30 pm! Voices In Your Head will also be performing their competition set.  You don’t want to miss it!

January 23, 2011

Spring Tour!!!

Every other year the Ransom Notes travel the country on a whirlwind musical tour. And guess what!  2011 is a tour year! This spring, we’ll be staying with family and friends as we drive east through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York!


To keep track of our crazy escapades, you should follow our blog, at http://ransomnotestour11.blogspot.com/. We’ll be updating often and it’s guaranteed to make you smile! We’re leaving March 18, and coming back around March 27.


For a taste of what’s to come, check out our blog from two years ago: http://ransomnotestour.blogspot.com/

November 16, 2010

We’re Going to ICCAs!

We’ve just learned that The Ransom Notes have been invited to compete in the Midwest Quarterfinals for the Varsity Vocal’s ICCA!

This is the first time The Ransom Notes have entered the competition, and we’re thrilled to put on a great performance and to meet new groups in the (err…midwestern) world of collegiate a cappella! YAY!

November 1, 2010

Exciting News!

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, The Ransom Notes sang the Star-Spangled Banner for the opening of the Democratic Convention’s rally in Hyde Park, where Barack Obama was the featured speaker!

Tenor and second year Sam Scarrow poses for a photo demonstrating our proximity to the President!

There were almost 50,000 people present! Definitely our biggest audience yet!

Altogether, it was an incredible performance and we couldn’t feel luckier to have been given such an amazing opportunity!